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Nutrition: Ditch the fat without trying

My philosophy is simple: little everyday moves make the weight melt off naturally.  I know how hard it is to count calories and go on a diet, so I developed a special program that helps my clients drop the pounds without much special effort.

Most people believe that if they show up at the gym and spend a respectable amount of time on the treadmill, they will lose the weight.  And most personal trainers believe that the harder they push their clients, the better the results they will have.  I believe that inspiring clients to be lean is the way to go.  Thatís why I ask you to bring photos or magazine clippings of what you want to look like.  Having a goal and visualizing your goal helps you reach your ideal weight and reach it faster.

Iíve been in business for over a decade and have dozens of satisfied clients: from celebrities and CEOís to teachers and moms, me and my trainers are dedicated to help you reach lasting results. We do it better, boost your burn, and have a whole lot of fun.

Thatís right, I believe that getting in shape should be exciting and fun.  Goodbye hunger and cravings; by eating five times a day, you will not only lose the fat, youíll never feel hungry!  Eating delicious and healthy meals doesnít have to be hard.

We design a program to fit your specific needs and guarantee results within just 6 weeks! And you donít have to diet and spend hours at the gym.  I monitor my clientsí success every week, so they know how well they are doing.  my clients love the results but most importantly, they have fun getting there.

Many people weíve helped tell us that personal training with Kim is the best gift theyíve given themselves.  The result? A fit, lean and incredibly gorgeous you!



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